The Sample Landscape

June 21, 2022

Return-To-Office: What’s the Research Behind It?

Elon Musk recently released a bold return-to-office statement saying he wanted Tesla and SpaceX employees to return to the office full-time. As EMI celebrated its first […]
June 2, 2022

The Political Landscape: Where do we stand?

We are in the middle of the primary season. So, where do we stand? To prepare for midterms this November, we’re looking at political affiliation, voter […]
May 23, 2022

Social Media: The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly

Social media has been a ‘hot topic’ for years now. It’s been in the news even more recently with the proposed acquisition of Twitter by Elon […]
May 9, 2022

Let’s Work this Out: Exercise Levels by Demographic

May is Global Employee Health and Fitness Month! In conjunction, we thought it would be the perfect time to share the latest findings from our research-on-research […]
May 3, 2022

Diversity and Inclusion in the Workplace: 2022

There has been a growing focus on diversity and inclusion in not only the market research industry but all industries in recent years. It’s an important […]
April 25, 2022

COVID-19 Vaccine: Updates and Boosters

It has been two years since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic. Just a year ago, we were speculating when a vaccine would be available and […]
March 29, 2022

We Made It: Public Perceptions on Winter

Spring officially sprung last week (though the Midwest has yet to make up its mind weather-wise.) However, we wanted to know what people thought of winter […]
March 22, 2022

Good vs. Bad: Public Perceptions of the Russia/Ukraine Conflict

The war between Russia and Ukraine is having a tangible impact on all aspects of life. Many of us have seen or read heartbreaking news stories […]