Set up and launch studies yourself, any time of day or night

CONNECTOR has been designed to be easy to use for everyone, from a market research beginner to the 20-year professional. Our easy-to-use dashboard and simple project set-up allows you to set-up and get your project into field in just minutes.



Create a project and quickly input your study specifications, including incidence rate, target audiences, LOI, quotas, etc.

Reach Respondents

Once you have input your study specifications and your study links, you can launch your project with just a click of a button.

Ensure Quality

With integrated digital fingerprinting from EMI’s proprietary SWIFT platform, as well as advanced bot and fraud detection, your data will be high quality.

Fill Quotas

Easily manage and fill you target quotas.

Close Study

When you have reached your target number of completed, just hit close survey.