Our Commitment to Data Quality

EMI has been dedicated to the pursuit and delivery of high-quality, actionable data on behalf of our clients for more than 20 years. This commitment to quality comes from our extensive industry knowledge and our drive to deliver unbiased, actionable quantitative data tailored to the needs of our clients. To that, we have built a multi-faceted suite of quality measures, including both technology and human elements, to providing the highest quality data possible.

Our Approach to Data Quality

Data Quality Suite Components

At EMI, we understand that no single data quality measure ensures high-quality data. That is why we have blended the best in technology and human elements into our data quality suite. This allows us to tackle different potential causes of poor quality from multiple angles to stop poor quality, whether it is from bots, inattentive or unqualified respondents, and much more.

Human Elements

  • Partner Assessment Process
  • Dedicated Quality Committee
  • Response Red Flagging System
  • Screener and Questionnaire Design Expertise
  • Research-on-Research

Technology Elements

  • Proprietary Digital Fingerprinting & De-Duplication (SWIFT)
  • Research Defender’s Advanced Bot and Fraud Detection
  • AI-Powered Data Scrubbing
  • Geo-IP Blocking

High-Quality Insights

EMI utilizes multiple security features to monitor fraud in addition to our proprietary digital fingerprinting. For example: Research Defender, MaxMind, DB-IP, FraudLabs, and others. Our internal algorithm sets a threshold level for fraud and if a respondent has been flagged for too many fraudulent behaviors, they are blocked.

We also run the survey data through our AI-powered data scrubbing that provides recommendations on poor or fraudulent data that can be removed by examining answer patterns, clickthrough behavior, keystroke analysis, inattentiveness, and the identification of duplicate responses. This adds an additional layer of security to the integrity of your data.

Based on the study objectives and our experience with each of our panel partners, we build custom solutions to best fit our clients’ needs. We rely on key factors such as targeting and overall satisfaction rating for efficient underwriting of each client’s project. Combining this with our quality measures, we provide the highest-quality insights for clients.

Our rigorous panel vetting process, robust technology, unparalleled expertise, and continuous examination of our best practices deliver the best sample quality available in the market.