Strategically Blending Sample in a Controlled, Unbiased Method

In industries where market research data is key to decision-making whether it’s branding, moving forward with a product or idea, or just how you are perceived in the market, you want the most representative and unbiased data possible.

A little talked about secret in market research is that sample panels are different, and they change over time. This can be extremely challenging to researchers – especially if you use a single panel on your studies.

The normal solution is to blend different sample sources to reduce bias, but blending shouldn’t be done just for blending’s sake. It should be done in a strategic manner. The solution is to utilize strategically blended sample. A strategically blended sample is sample from multiple sources including traditional panels and other nontraditional sources like social media, forums, etc.

Common Problems Strategic Sample Blending Can Solve:

Single Source Bias

Limited Feasibility

Poor Quality

Data Inconsistencies

Awareness levels can vary by as much as 25 percentage points
Based on your sample provider selection
Brand ratings can vary by as much as 20 percentage points
Based on your sample provider selection
Concept ratings can vary by as much as 30 percentage points
Based on sample provider selection
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IntelliBlend® – The Premier Approach to Strategic Sample Blending

IntelliBlend® is EMI’s patented methodology of strategically blending sample sources in an intentional and controlled approach in order to deliver the most representative and accurate demographic, behavioral, and attitudinal data. This approach includes double opt-in research panels but may also include non-traditional sources such as social media which is utilized in a limited and controlled manner. IntelliBlend® can vary from project-to-project based on the needs of the research. Each project’s unique blend is developed by leveraging proprietary research-on-research data as well as over 20 years of sample experience.

Combining IntelliBlend® with SWIFT (EMI’s proprietary sample management platform that incorporates digital fingerprinting, sample source quota management, click balancing, and more), we are able to build you a custom sample plan and then launch and manage your project. We can launch, field, and close studies with more speed and accuracy than other panel providers. When combined, EMI can de-duplicate respondents, eliminating fraud from your study. We also provide tracking of results by each partner used in the sample blend, so you can see where your results are coming from. For each wave of the study, the strategic sample blend is replicated within SWIFT which enforces sample source quotas, thus ensuring data consistency.

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Key Benefits of IntelliBlend

  • More accurate and representative demographic, behavioral, and attitudinal data (due to the differences in panels)
  • Reduces the bias of panel sources (panels are different and changing)
  • Increases feasibility and ability to deliver quotas
  • Avoid costly and potentially harmful “top-up” situations. When replicated from wave to wave, it ensures data consistency
  • Reduces bias of a single sample source if and when that panel source composition changes over time (which it will)
  • Ideal for concept testing, trackers, wave studies, or ongoing program work

IntelliBlend Safeguards

  • Periodic reviews of custom sample plans – compared to Research-on-Research results
  • In-field metric tracking to custom sample plans
  • Debrief at each wave closing to ensure consistency
  • Proactive discussion and problem resolution


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