EMI Research Solutions is a leading online sample and quantitative research consultancy. For more than 20 years, we have been providing clients with unbiased sampling and research solutions that connects their projects with the right strategic blend of sample, not trying to make their projects fit a single panel.

We provide the highest quality, most cost-effective insights in the shortest amount of time — ensuring you get the best results for your projects.

Doing What is Right For Research – What It Means in Online Sample and Why It’s Important

Many sample providers claim expertise in sample blending, but a significant number of them incorporate their own panel, thus introducing inherent bias into their blends right from the start. At EMI, we pride ourselves on being the sole sample consultancy that operates with complete transparency. 

You might wonder, how can we make such a bold statement?

Well, unlike the majority of sample providers, we are upfront about the panels and allocations we use. When we construct a customized strategic sample blend for our clients, our primary focus is on what is truly best for the research. Rather than attempting to manipulate the project into a specific panel, we strategically blend panels that align most effectively with the research objectives. On the other hand, other providers prioritize maximizing their own assets by attempting to make a project fit their panel first and then supplementing it with additional panel resources to compensate for any shortcomings. Unfortunately, this approach often leads to sample bias and unreliable insights.

When conducting online quantitative research, it is imperative to minimize bias as much as possible. This includes avoiding bias originating from a panel. Panel bias arises because each sample panel is unique and undergoes changes over time due to various factors such as recruitment sources, mergers and acquisitions, panel management methods, and more. These differences between panels ultimately impact the data provided by their respondents. In fact, the business decisions derived from a study can differ depending on the specific panels employed.

That is precisely why it is essential to collaborate with a partner who not only possesses extensive knowledge of the online sample industry but also operates transparently, enabling them to maintain a research-focused approach when designing your sample plan. Someone like EMI.

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Our Sampling Approach and Experience

Founded in 1999, EMI has been a leader in online sample and strategic sample blending for over 20 years.  We have been a sample consultancy since not only our inception, but at the infancy of online sample. 

Over the years, we have developed a knowledge of the sample industry that is unrivaled when combined with our unbiased strategic sample blending approach. We have built this knowledge by not only working with panel partners throughout the industry but conducting research-on-research for more than a decade into the online sample industry to understand the differences between panels, and how they change over time. 

This unparalleled industry knowledge is the driver to providing transparent sample consulting and advice to our clients that puts the emphasis on what is right for their research, and not what is right for any specific panel. 

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The EMI Pillars

EMI has been providing unbiased, transparent online market research and sample consultancy for over 20 years. For the last 12 years, we have been conducting research-on-research on the online sample industry. This research, and the insights it provides, as well as our relationships with panels in the industry, has helped us develop unparalleled knowledge of the industry. This includes not just know panels, but understanding the behaviors and attitudes of their respondents, and how to best strategically blend them to eliminate panel bias from a study.
With EMI, you get an agile, focused team of research professionals with over 22 years of experience in building custom, strategic sample blends. We deliver the data you need, even if the respondents you require are difficult to find or are in another part of the world. We work with you as an extension of your team to provide hands-on project management with one point of contact, with an unparalleled level of responsiveness, creativity, and flexibility to navigate any issues.

Our world-class project management team works with you as an extension of your team, providing you with a single point of contact, utilizing responsiveness, creativity, and flexibility to help you navigate any issues.
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