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We understand the significant impact that COVID-19 has had during these uncertain times. The negative effects of quarantining and social distancing have been felt by nearly all of us in some way. However, we took the time to ask people about any positive stories that they have seen or experienced during this time, giving them an open-ended question in our most recent round of research-on-research to tell us about them.

These stories generally revolved around three aspects of life: family, community, and personal growth.


Many respondents chose to share positive experiences with their family, talking about how quarantine has given them a chance to spend more time together and enjoy each other’s company.

Just being in the moment and spending time outside in the yard watching my kids has been a blessing.”

“My family and I have bonded more from us all being home. We’re finding more time to do things together as a family such as going for walks, playing outside in our yard, game nights, movie nights, etc.”

“I got to be home with my kids and witnessed my son walking for the first time. It’s very enjoyable being home!”

“COVID-19 has allowed me and my family to bond with one another and enjoy each other’s company without the everyday hustle and bustle. Yes, there are still distractions (i.e., phones, social media, etc.) and jobs to get done, but the overall pace of life has allowed for myself and my family to enjoy one another’s company.”


The area in which most respondents shared a positive experience was about their community. From birthday drive-by celebrations to checking in on neighbors and senior citizens, people recognize the many ways in which COVID-19 has brought their community together.

I saw a story on the TV that a six-year-old girl sent over 150 handmade well-wishing cards to seniors in a nursing home. Really tugged at my heart.”

“Local mom and pop businesses are giving out free lunches to anybody that needs them, even though they are facing difficult times themselves.”

“I live in an area with a higher percentage of retirees and some of these are fairly aged. I love how neighbors and friends are keeping an eye on them, getting them groceries and just touching base. One neighbor helped one older couple figure out how to facetime with family members.”

“Just people willing to help others. I am a part of a neighborhood community that is totally online. We go online everyday to see who needs help with whatever or who knows of someone who needs help. We also have our contact info in there if we choose so someone can get in touch if they need help to go to the doctor or whatever. It has brought out the better side of many.”

One of our neighbors, who is not a close friend, texted that she was going to the store and wondered if we, as seniors sheltering in place, needed anything. Our milk had recently expired so we asked if she could get us a fresh gallon. She was happy to do so and didn’t even want to be reimbursed.”

“Community members helping elderly and people with young kids, trading/giving away needed items, positivity spread through home windows or standing in the corner of the street, donating to food banks, schools/restaurants providing meal deals, drive-bys for birthdays or other significant things to celebrate, etc.”

“Some residents of the apt. complex I am in were wearing facemasks including some bandanas and we all laughed when one resident wondered out loud if we would see an uptick in bank robberies as a result!”

“This pandemic is bringing people together like I have never seen. New friendships have been made that will last a lifetime. People are helping people they don’t know.”

“I go on TikTok a lot and other people have shared how they helped others with items they can’t find in the store. I saw a police officer helped the homeless by educating them on what to do to help the spread.”

“On my daily hike when the weather is nice, there is a part of the bike path where kids write positive things in chalk like, ‘you are beautiful.’ It makes me smile every time I walk over those encouraging sayings.”

“People are decorating doors and windows, writing positive messages with chalk on sidewalks, and checking in on elderly neighbors.”

“I work at a hospital. People are donating food and drinks, homemade masks, coming by at a distance to offer encouragement, calling on the phone to offer encouragement and praise. I have seen communities and individuals help each other out with appropriate guidelines. I have seen people come together for a common good more than before the virus.”

“All the drive-by parades for birthdays, senior living facility visits through windows, NYFD salutes to medical workers, friends and family reaching out any way they can to one another.”

Personal Growth

Finally, this time of social distancing has given people more time to appreciate the little things in life. They are experiencing a simpler way of life, time to work on home projects, and ways to experience things they may not have had time for in the past.

“People are kinder and more caring to people in their community. For me personally, I enjoyed staying home and doing a lot of projects that otherwise you have no time to do and the slow-down all over the world is very therapeutic to your soul. Peacefulness in the very busy streets that you think could not happen in your lifetime.”

“All the free resources we’ve been given access to. Musicians doing online concerts. Museums offering free virtual tours. Cincinnati zoo doing home safari videos, etc.”

“Being quarantined taught me how to appreciate the simple things in life… being home with my son and living a quiet life day in and day out. Being quarantined taught me that we can live a life without spending money. I am saving a lot of money by staying home. Perhaps I will continue this lifestyle even when we’re done being quarantined.”

“The positive is that it gives me more time to do surveys which I really enjoy.”

While COVID-19 has had a significant impact on our lives and we recognize the hardships it has placed on many people, we are happy to see that some good has come out of it. Our families, communities, and personal lives are touched by these positive experiences and we are pleased to share them with you.

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