Intellicast S3E24 – A Discussion on Thought Leadership With Mike Nash of KS&R

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May 8, 2020
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Intellicast S3E24 – A Discussion on Thought Leadership With Mike Nash of KS&R


Welcome back to Intellicast!  We have a great episode for you today.  Brian Lamar and Tony Brown are joined by Mike Nash, President of KS&R.

They kick off the episode with a brief history of both Mike Nash and KS&R. Then Tony and Brian jump right into the interview with Mike.

They discuss Thought Leadership, some of the best practices in conducting thought leadership, which companies should be doing thought leadership and why, and more. Mike then discusses the data collection around creating and producing a thought leadership piece of content, and what he and KS&R look for when they are working on a piece for a client, particularly around focusing on polarizing questions.

Mike also discusses why Thought Leadership is so important in these current times, and why investment in it will pay dividends.

In the second half of the interview, we get to learn more about Mike with a new round of the 4 P’s. We discover that Mike is a bourbon enthusiast and has been working on the perfect Old Fashion recipe. He’s also been playing more board games with his family, as well as trying to learn to play Xbox. Mike also talks about a few books he has been reading during the pandemic. 

This is a great episode!

To learn more about KS&R, visit their website here.

You can read Mike’s article on Though Leadership Best Practices here.

You can connect with Mike on LinkedIn here.

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