Healthcare Research in the Time of COVID-19

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April 6, 2020
Response Rates in the Time of COVID-19
April 8, 2020
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Healthcare Research in the Time of COVID-19

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Every aspect of society is being impacted by COVID-19 (A.K.A Coronavirus), with some industries like travel, hospitality, and manufacturing being hit harder than others. One trend in the market research industry we have seen since the start of the pandemic is whether research targeted toward healthcare audiences, specifically healthcare workers who are on the front lines treating patients, should still occur or be postponed.

We reached out to several of our panel partners who specialize in healthcare research to see what they are experiencing, and if they are making any changes, including verbiage or the invitation process because of COVID-19. What we found was surprising.

While many in the online quantitative research space have reported seeing higher response rates from their B2B and consumer panelists, the consensus was that responses from healthcare workers would see a decline since many are working longer hours to care for patients. What our partners shared with us was the opposite. They are seeing that response rates for online quantitative studies targeted to healthcare audiences have remained in line to those prior to the start of the pandemic, with some even reporting slightly higher response rates. 

These results aren’t specific to a single geographic area either as our partners are reporting these findings across their global panels. 

We have seen typical cautions surrounding tracking work.  Several partners indicate they would recommend postponing any upcoming tracker waves or noting that the data was collected during COVID-19 to account for large swings in data.  This is the same advice we have been giving to clients as well.

Around the topic of changing verbiage or invitation process, all partners we spoke with stated that they have not made any changes but have considered it a possibility as time progresses.

Our hope is that this information puts your mind at ease and answers the question, “Should I field my healthcare study now?” – the answer is Yes.