IntelliBlend® is EMI’s unique methodology of blending sample sources in an intentional and controlled approach in order to deliver the most representative and accurate demographic, behavioral, and attitudinal data. This approach includes double opt-in research panels but may also include non-traditional sources such as social media, which is utilized in a limited and controlled manner. IntelliBlend® can vary from project to project based on the needs of the research. The unique blend is developed by leveraging proprietary research on research data as well as over 18 years of sample experience. For ongoing work, the sample plan is replicated from wave to wave utilizing EMI’s SWIFT Dashboard, which enforces sample source quotas, thus ensuring data consistency.



Key Benefits of IntelliBlend®:

  • More accurate and representative demographic, behavioral, and attitudinal data (due to the differences in panels)
  • Reduces the bias of panel sources (panels are different and changing)
  • Increases feasibility and ability to deliver quotas
  • Avoid costly and potentially harmful “top-up” situations
  • When replicated from wave to wave, it ensures data consistency
  • Reduces bias of a single sample source if and when that panel source composition changes over time (which it will)
  • Ideal for Concept testing, trackers, or ongoing program work

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