Intellicast S4E23 – A SampleCon 2021 Preview with Mary Draper

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July 8, 2021
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July 12, 2021
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Intellicast S4E23 – A SampleCon 2021 Preview with Mary Draper


Welcome back to Intellicast! On today’s episode, EMI’s Network Quality Officer, Mary Draper, joins Brian Lamar and Producer Brian to give us a preview of SampleCon 2021.

The episode kicks off with the three speculating on what it will be like since this will be the first in-person market research conference since the pandemic started. 

Then Brian and Mary discuss the line-up of speakers and Mary discusses what sessions she is most looking forward to. 

Some session Mary is looking forward to include:

  • Talent & The Insights Industry – Led by Katie Gross | Suzy
  • Future Proofing the Industry | Sima Vasa (Paradigm Sample), Mario Carrasco (ThinkNow), Rebecca Brooks (Alter Agents), Patrick Comer (Lucid), Bob Fawson (Dynata)
  • The Supply & Demand Landscape | Sandy Casey (Innovate), Corey Julseth (JD Power), Bob Fawson (Dynata), Aaron Platshon (Tap Research), Matt Hynes (Cint)

If you are in the Los Angeles area (or not), there is still time to sign-up to attend SampleCon next week from July 12-14 in Pasadena.  Click here to get the details.

Thanks for listening!

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