Intellicast S4E20: Data Quality Trends and MR Acquisitions

Brand Perception Changes: What Brands Are Viewed as Patriotic or Not
June 7, 2021
Diversity and Inclusion in the Workplace
June 10, 2021
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Welcome back to Intellicast! On this week’s episode, Brian Lamar and Producer Brian are joined by Andrew DeCilles, Vice President of Client Services at EMI.

The episode kicks off with the guys talking about the plague of Cicadas that are impacting Southwest Ohio right now, and the levels it is hitting each of the areas they live. 

Then the guys jump into a deep discussion on some of the data quality trends that are currently impacting the quantitative market research industry. They discuss how the surges and lulls in demand created issues for recruiting budgets, and how that has led to quality problems impacting nearly all panels right now.  They also touch on feasibility issues impacting the industry and how changes in the market have led to projects that maybe a year ago were easy or had good feasibility are now becoming hard to complete and vendors are coming back with feasibility much lower than they estimated just 6 months ago.

In the second half of the episode, Brian, Andrew and Producer Brian dig into the latest market research news.  They start off by discussing the results of a new study by Havas that found more than 70% of consumers have little faith that brands will deliver on their promises. This leads into a lively discussion on what potential causes can be, and its potential impact for brands and others.

In the next few items, the guys talk about Sima Vasa joining the US Advisory Board of Australian market research technology platform Glow, to support its North American expansion plans, as Measure Protocol’s new StoreFront solution for consumer behavioral data.

Next, Andrew and the guys discuss Cint’s recent acquisition of GapFish, and they postulate what the reason may have been for the acquisition.

Finally, the guys discuss Escalent’s acquisition of Grail Insights, and what it means for them.

Thanks for listening!

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