S3E33 – Data Quality From the Client-Side with Tia Maurer

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June 23, 2020
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S3E33 – Data Quality From the Client-Side with Tia Maurer

Welcome back to Intellicast! We continue our thought leadership series with another great guest! Joining Brian Lamar and Producer Brian is Tia Maurer, a Group Scientist for Product Research Testing at Proctor and Gamble. 

The interview kicks off with Tia describing a bit of her background, as well as her current role with Proctor and Gamble and where it fits in the market research industry.

Then Brian and Tia jump into a detailed discussion on data quality, starting with Tia talking about a presentation she has given a few times over the years about the topic, and how it still applies today. Tia also gives some examples of how they do it at P&G, as well as some examples of the different types of fraud she has encountered. 

Tia then gives us an example of ghost completes, and how they are impacting the sample industry, and how brands view the problem. She then turns the example into a holistic view on how poor data quality and fraud is impacting how brands view sample suppliers.

This leads to a discussion on changes to the overall industry they both want to see happen and how it can lead to better data quality.

Brian then asks Tia about where she sees the future of market research and sample heading and is she optimistic about it. You don’t want to miss her answer!

In the final segment of the interview, we find out that Tia was a competitive baton twirler, and still twirls to help relieve stress. And what is probably the best “Pandemic” answer we’ve ever had, we learned that she and her husband have been watching regional Elvis tribute artist (she told us they are more than impersonators) competitions on Facebook and Zoom. There is even a website that streams the performances every weekend. It is right up there with Brian’s newfound love of marble racing. It was such a great answer, Brian skips the rest of the 4 P’s!

If you are all about data quality – this is the episode you do not want to miss!

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