Intellicast S4E18 – Building a Diversity and Inclusion Team

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May 5, 2021
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May 19, 2021
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Intellicast S4E18 – Building a Diversity and Inclusion Team


Welcome back to Intellicast! We have a bit of a different episode for you today.  Angelica Jump from our team joins Brian Lamar and Producer Brian to talk about building a diversity and inclusion team at EMI.

The episode kicks off with Angelica and the guys talking about why diversity is important to her, and what led her to get involved and want to lead this effort at EMI. Angelica talks about her background and how that has led her to be passionate about diversity.

Angelica then tells the story of how EMI’s diversity team get its start, and how she went about gaining support and advice to build it from the ground up.  Angelica talks about getting buy-in from executives, and how that helps get the support needed to make changes.

Brian and Angelica then talk about the activities the Diversity team has done this year, as well as some of the additional activities it has upcoming. 

The conversation takes a small detour when Brian talks about the new Minority Access Partnership Program (MAPP) that EMI is a part of with Burke, Directions Research, and MarketVision. He gives some quick details of the new program and hints at a few things to come. You can read the press release about it here.

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