Intellicast (S2E8) – SampleCon Recap and Courtney Williams of Lucid

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February 18, 2019
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February 25, 2019
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Intellicast (S2E8) – SampleCon Recap and Courtney Williams of Lucid


The guys are back from Austin and have a great episode this week! Joining them is Courtney Williams, The Executive Director of Quality at Lucid.  The discussion starts with how Courtney got her start in market research, then they dive into a recap and their reviews of SampleCon, and what’s new at Lucid.

The conversation changes after that as the guys talk with Courtney about the last 3 songs she’s listened to, as well as her hidden talent.  Spoiler alert: she is semi-pro at something.

The guys also talk about their trip to Austin, including a Mount Rushmore of SampleCon foods and drinks. 

It’s another great episode!

To learn more about Lucid, visit their website here.

You can connect with Courtney on LinkedIn here.

Check out our recent blog to get a summary of the top 4 topics of SampleCon here.

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