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EMI Is back from Qualtrics' X4 Experience Summit

We had a team in Salt Lake City last week for Qualtrics’ X4 Experience Summit.  It was an awesome event, with great speakers (Magic Johnson, Lin Manual Miranda, Arianna Huffington to name just a few), networking galore, and a ton of great information and special events.

Here are the 3 big takeaways we got from our 4 days at X4:

Leadership is key

A large portion of the summit was focused on different angles of leadership.  From how to motivate your team by creating the next generation employee experience, to structuring relationships to better inspire people, creating the best experience starts at the top.  When your have great leadership, you inspire your people and drive better results.

Great user experience drives great results

A main focus of the entire conference was around creating and ensuring great user experiences.  Whether it was when a customer interacts with your brand, uses your product or services, contacts your support, or even takes your survey.  The experience a user has influences the overall results.  If a customer interacts with your product and has problems and get frustrated, they are not likely to continue to purchase your product, give good recommendations, or even give feedback to make it better.

Taking this concept to surveys, you want your respondents to have a good experience taking your survey.  In the market research industry, we have a high rate of dissatisfaction from respondents that participate in surveys, whether they are screened out after a long investment, to poorly written surveys, to excessively long surveys.  This is something that needs to change in the industry.  By improving our respondents experience with our surveys, they will be more willing to take and complete more surveys and give better data, making our insights more valuable.

Happiness and better quality of life create better companies

During day 1, several of the keynote speakers discussed happiness and the importance of quality of life and how having a better mindset can create a positive impact and more effective company culture.  Around quality of life, there have been studies that have found a direct correlation between employee wellness and the bottom line.  With a focus on your employee well-being, both in body and mind, you’ll see positive impact to results.

With happiness, by re-framing what we view as happiness and stop moving the goal posts of what happiness, you can change how you view success, and really improve mental well-being.  By doing this, it then has a big impact on how you view work and your interactions, leading to an overall improvement.

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