Intellicast S6E20 — Putting the “X” in MRX

Intellicast S6E19 — A Midsummer Market Research News Update
July 20, 2023
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August 3, 2023
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Intellicast S6E20 — Putting the “X” in MRX

Welcome back to another episode of Intellicast! Brian Lamar and Producer Brian are talking about market research news in today’s episode!

First and foremost, you can no longer reach us on Twitter. You’ll have to find us on “X” @Intellicast1. It’s only fitting that the episode would open with a discussion of Elon Musk’s latest update of the social platform. In the words of Producer Brian, “this just shows you can be a genius, but you’re not a genius at everything.”  Elon Musk, if you’re in need of some market research, you know where to find us.

In our first actual market research-oriented segment, the guys cover the upcoming conferences in the industry. At this point, it’s a permanent segment. Brian Lamar shares some updates on the Insights Association North Central Chapter conference in September and announces a fun (unofficial) award as well as a Halloween happy hour.

Next up, Brian and Brian discuss our Cincinnati neighbor, MarketVision, and their new hires. They also discuss SampleNinja’s partnership with Virtual Incentives and plans to integrate them into their platform. In a bit of a shocking announcement, we dive into Qualtric’s plans to spend $500M over the next four years on artificial intelligence. The guys also chat about how this might transform the industry.

Our final two news stories include Fuel Cycle’s launch of a new platform called Research Engine (Brian Lamar gives this new name “Ten Lammies” … whatever that means) and a discussion of Panelbase’s acquisition by Norstat, which will strengthen Norstat’s presence in western Europe.

We wrap up with a quick Women’s World Cup chat!

Thanks for listening!

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