Intellicast S4E35 – Mental Health in MR, Fair Data Usage, and Nielsen Losing TV Accreditation

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September 27, 2021
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October 5, 2021
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Intellicast S4E35 – Mental Health in MR, Fair Data Usage, and Nielsen Losing TV Accreditation

Welcome back to Intellicast! We have a jammed-packed news episode for you today. Jason Inderhees joins Brian Lamar and Producer Brian to help break down all the latest market research news.

Kicking off the episode, the guys discuss a couple of acquisitions in the industry, Ipsos buying InfoTool and Zappi purchasing Data Quorum.

Next, Brian and Jason break down the new Virtual Aisle solution from Schlesinger Group.  Producer Brian throws out what could be a million-dollar idea tied to the solution.

The guys then touch on David Karp joining DISQO, and what it could possibly mean for their growth initiatives in the coming years.

Next, Brian, Jason, and Producer Brian discuss the news that Nielsen lost their TV measurement accreditation from the Media Ratings Council.  They touch on the history of Nielsen’s TV measurement, and what it could mean for the industry and the TV measurement marketplace. They also touch on the statement that Nielsen’s CEO put out in response to losing their accreditation as well as other recent criticisms the company has faced.

The guys then tackle another big industry story. They talk about the launch of the new global guidance for data usage from ESOMAR and GRBN.  Brian and Jason agree about the leadership both organizations put forward with the rise in data privacy legislation occurs all over the world.  Producer Brian posits that the new guidelines could be a tool that the industry can use in its lobbying against the more restrictive proposed legislation.

The guys switch gears next and talk about a new report from the Insights Association and Opinium on the rate of poor mental health among market researchers.  This leads to Brian Lamar getting a bit personal about his own struggles.

In our last segment of the show, Jason and Brian touch on some of the key highlights from the 2021 Insights & Analytics Market & Top 50 report.

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