Intellicast S3E31 – Data Quality with Terry Crawford of MMR

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June 15, 2020
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June 22, 2020
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Intellicast S3E31 – Data Quality with Terry Crawford of MMR


Welcome back to Intellicast! We have another special episode for you. This week Brian Lamar, Producer Brian, and Andrew DeCilles are joined by Terry Crawford, the Senior Vice President of Operations for MMR, to have an in-depth discussion on data quality.

The episode kicks off with Brian and Andrew discussing with Terry his background and his current role at MMR.

This leads to the meat of the interview, where all three have a deep discussion around sample and data quality.  It starts with a discussion with Terry where he believes good data comes from, and what he looks for in sample providers to work with.

The conversation then turns into some of the methods and best practices that Terry and MMR go through to ensure the quality of their sample and the subsequent data.  It includes a wide variety of measures, from different questions, systems, etc.

Brian then brings up removals and the criteria that should be used to remove potential bad data.  Terry gives us some great perspective on what to look for, and why there needs to be several criteria met to have someone excluded, rather than a respondent who just triggers a single quality measure, like speeding through a survey. 

In what may the best part of the interview, we discuss with Terry where the ownership of data quality lies. You may be surprised by his response!

In the final segment of the interview, we get to know Terry on a more personal level with a new round of 4 P’s.  We find out Terry’s hidden talent (or lack thereof), as well as his new quarantine habit, as well as a source of pride for him. 

This is a great interview – especially if sample and data quality matter to you.

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