Intellicast S3E22 – Reopening Implications, the Cint-P2 Integration, and Alida Hines

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Intellicast S3E22 – Reopening Implications, the Cint-P2 Integration, and Alida Hines


Welcome back to Intellicast! On today’s episode, Andrew DeCilles joins Brian Lamar and Producer Brian to discuss the latest market research news, current events, and more!

The episode kicks off with a lively discussion about how states starting to open back up from their quarantines, and the potential implications that could mean to consumers, politics, and the economy. 

This leads to a recap and discussion of the latest market research new, starting with the CINT and P2Sample integration being completed. The guys also cover the new video focus group capabilities of FlexMR’s online qualitative platform and the latest earning reports by System 1 and Ipsos.

The guys then discuss the latest survey results from the Insights Association about the COVID impact.  This leads to Andrew talking about how what he is seeing in the industry from talking with his clients.  It gives a unique perspective. 

In the last segment of the episode, we continue our interviews with job hunters in the market research space. This time we are joined by Alida Hines, a 20-year market professional based in Atlanta.  We learn about her skills, some of the kinds of projects she has worked on, and what she can bring to a company. 

This is a great episode!

To contact Alida, you can connect with her on LinkedIn here, or by email at

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