Corporate Researchers Conference 2019 – My 3 Favorite Parts

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October 21, 2019
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Corporate Researchers Conference 2019 – My 3 Favorite Parts

I had the opportunity to head down to Orlando last week to attend the Insights Association’s Corporate Researchers Conference (CRC).  In the past, I have attended Quirks, SampleCon, TMRE, IIeX, and others, but this was actually the first time I’ve attended this particular conference. 

I found CRC to be different than other conferences I have attended.  There were more brands there than I usually encounter, which is probably indicative of it being a conference for corporate researchers. It also had some different speakers and presentations.  Here are a few of my favorites:

David Intrator of RTi Research – You’re Boring Me; How Story Structure Keeps People from Tuning Out

This was my favorite presentation over the 3 days in Orlando.  David’s presentation looked at how structure and patterns can assist in telling memorable stories, in both life and market research.  It reminded me of the old Randy Savage wrestling promos where he would repeat phrases over and over again to drive home his point. 

Alexia Raven of Warner Bros. TV – The Circle of Fandom Life

Alexia’s thought-provoking presentation looked at the progression of fandom throughout different life stages.  Being a die-hard fan of several different teams, I found it really interesting how she dissected how people develop allegiances to different teams, movies, celebrities, etc. at different times in our lives, and how it is based on the needs we have in those specific periods of our life.  Also, there were dozens of Goonies references, so that was a huge plus!

Simon Chadwick, Insights Association Board, Sit-Down on the Main Stage

As he steps off the Insights Association board, Simon held a relaxed and fairly candid conversation about his time and experiences in market research.  A particular highlight for me was the stories he told about having the mob try and influence consumer research in Italy. 

He also gave a great pitch for the sexiness of the market research industry as it is in a nice growth phase at the moment.