Poll Party E6 – Digging into Iowa Polls and What Halloween Candy Are You?

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October 28, 2019
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Poll Party E6 – Digging into Iowa Polls and What Halloween Candy Are You?

The Poll Party

It’s time for a new episode of Poll Party!  This week, Rory and Adam kick off the episode by taking a look at a recent CNN/SSRS phone poll on impeachment that found 50% of Americans support both impeachment and removal from office.  They discuss the methodology behind the survey, some of the changes in results from past waves, and explore why the results are the way are.

They then tie it together with a recent poll by the New York Times and Nate Cohen that focused on six key swing states, and why the results differ from the CNN poll. 

Here are the details of the CNN/SSRS poll and the New York Times poll.

They then switch gears to the Democratic primaries, with a focus on a recent USA Today poll on the Iowa Caucuses.  The poll found that Mayor Pete had jumped 7 points since June.  Adam and Rory discuss what may have caused the change in the polls and more.

Get the details here.

In this week’s poll of the week, Rory discusses a recent Monmouth University the explores the partisan shift in America.  They examine what may cause the results, and why we have seen a steady decline in trust over the few decades.  This brings up a discussion about social media and knowing more about candidates than ever before, as well as Mitt Romney’s burner account, and do we want more honesty or polished content from official accounts.

Get the Monmouth details here.

Then Adam and Rory have some fun!  First, both being huge baseball fans, they take a look at FiveThirtyEight’s World Series predictions, and they give their own game 7 predictions.  (We recorded before game 7, so see if they got it right!)

Finally, we have the Quiz of the Week!  With it being the Halloween season, we find out what Halloween candy Rory and Adam are.  Hint – they are the same!

Take the Quiz of the Week yourself here.

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