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February 5, 2013
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B2B pole to pole

Dear Fellow Researcher,

Some of the most difficult to find respondents are in the B2B vertical.  While US targeting has improved by leaps and bounds to make larger company sizes and job titles more accessible, international sample has often been limited to manager level+ and broad industry groups.  As a result, clients have grown accustomed to settling for a large netted sample hoping to catch some completes at low incidences and higher costs.

For our industry, a perfect world is having the same levels and intricacies of targeting around the globe.  EMI has used our power as an expert aggregator to find and vet the best panels in the world, as well as influence existing panels in our network to increase the depth of profiling available.  Below are some recently completed studies that show the growth of targeting available for international B2B:

  • 600 VP+ with IT decision making power in companies with greater than 500 employees in Singapore, EU, Russia, India, and China
  • 200 purchasing decision makers in the Oil & Gas industry in Japan, Germany, and Brazil
  • 300 managers in the auto manufacturing industry in China
  • 800 business decision makers in retail industry and company size 250+ in Canada, UK, France, Germany, China, Japan, and Russia

While these recently completed studies may be the outliers of difficulty, they reveal the expansion of B2B targeting and improvement of feasibility available internationally.  Advancements in company size, industry, and functional role targeting have also increased depth of insights for the more common ITDM and small business studies.

The world is becoming smaller and smaller with the globalization of business.  No sample supplier matches the expertise or feasibility of EMI for the global business-to-business research growth.  Let us help you meet your client’s needs today.


The EMI Team