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Toys Surveys R US How to Reach Kids in Research

Dear Fellow Researcher,

As internet and cellphone penetration has expanded worldwide, the market research community gains deeper and deeper access to previously hard to reach groups.  Respondents formerly surveyed by phone centers or face-to-face methods can now be reached easily via online panels and mobile research.  High level B2B or emerging market consumers may come to mind first, but today’s youth is perhaps the most important group with significant buying power and influence to become more reachable for survey research.   As youngsters around the world have been given access to online retailers via their computers and mobile devices, they have become an integral part of the consumer research.

EMI and our clients have helped toy companies, TV networks, FMCG companies and countless other firms gain insights from these influential buyers around the globe. Here is how:

  • Kids < 12: One of the most common studies we have seen recently is the family combination survey that questions Mom or Dad and then asks them to engage the child to complete a portion of the survey.  This method allows our clients to gain valuable input from the buyers and influencers in each household. 
  • Teens 13-17: While targetable through parents as above, those aged 13+ can also join panels on their own and take surveys designed for their demographic. 
  • Young Adults / College Students: As a group that is more transient in nature, panels have a hard time developing large numbers of fresh respondents to deliver a representative sample. With the advent of social media channels and mobile panels we can now reach these groups in a more familiar environment. At times, respondent incentives can even be tied to the social media experience or games to push for greater response rates and engagement.

The nation’s youth may have unique tastes in clothes, TV shows and video games, but they all share the connection of having mobile devices that never leave their sides.  Texting, apps and Facebook Chat are frequent activities forMillennials and EMI’s network has tapped into this phenomenon.  With nearly 20,000 mobile respondents under the age of 18 that can be contacted via their cellphones and tablets, a new and important respondent community is at your fingertips.

If you’re looking to contact these future consumers, contact EMI-ORS today!


The EMI Team