Best of Intellicast 2021: Part 3

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December 27, 2021
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January 6, 2022
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Are you ready for Part 3 of the Best of Intellicast Season 4 series? In this episode, we’ll be revisiting interviews with Mike Adamson of Merkle and Alex Millet and Lindsey Bartel of BrandTrust.

[3:36-32:48] In Mike’s interview, he gives us some insight into his background and how he became a digital strategist at Merkle. He also shares some details on Merkle’s new cookie-less audience targeting tool and leads a discussion on the customer journey process as well as the role market research plays in that journey. Mike talks about the importance of both quantitative and qualitative research when it comes to a well-rounded customer journey and gives examples of what can happen when either component is missing.

[32:49-1:80:20] Alex and Lindsey kick off their interview with a discussion on the importance of having trust in brands which leads to a discussion of their unique methodology for researching trust in brands called Narrative Inquiry. Lindsey and Alex also chat about the impact of open-ended questions on quality and how to find respondents that are willing to go through methodologies like Narrative Inquiry.

If you’ve ever had questions about the relationships between customers, respondents, brands, and research, these interviews are for you. They also highlight two of the best rounds of the 4Ps we had in 2021!

Thanks for listening to Intellicast this year! This episode officially marks the end of Season 4! We’ll see you all in 2022!

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