COVID-19 Research and Resources

COVID-19 (a.k.a. Coronavirus) is impacting everything in our society, from travel, public transportation, to work life and more. This is a serious topic that has implications for the market research industry, especially the online quantitative and the behavior and attitudes of respondents.

In response to this extraordinary event, many in the market research industry are conducting research, or providing resources around COVID-19. EMI has been tracking the insights and resources that have been released and aggregated them into a single location for you to easily discover insights and available resources.

We will continually update as new research and insights are released.

Consumer Behavior Research

Directions Research Coronavirus (COVID-19) Consumer Response Tracker

Weekly tracker on consumer behavior during the pandemic and consumer's opinion on the pandemic.

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Sense360 Research Series on COVID-19

Daily consumer tracker on behaviors and attitudes on food and drinks consumption/purchasing during the pandemic.

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GroupSolver Real-Time Consumer Diary

Diary of consumers feelings, thoughts, planning, preparedness, and fears, as they weathered these unchartered times.

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Soapbox Sample On-Going Poll Series on COVID-19

A series of polls on COVID-19 and how it is impacting American consumers, and their opinions and attitudes toward it and the responses.

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YouGov International COVID-19 Tracker

Consumer and business tracker on behaviors and experiences of the global pandemic.

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Ipsos Public Opinion Research on COVID-19

Worldwide data on the public opinions on the impact of the coronavirus on people, societies, and markets.

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Pew Research COVID-19 Coverage

Accumulation of all research Pew has conducted on COVID-19, including media habits, social media, consumer attitudes and opinions, and more.

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DISQO Study: Understanding the Impact of COVID-19 on Public Attitudes & Behaviors

Behavioral analysis of digital behavior on consumer confidence.

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Walnut Unlimited Study – COVID-19 and the Fear of the Unknown

Consumer attitudes on the fear and anxiety around COVID-19.

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PureProfile Study – How Daily Habits are Changing

Research on changes to consumer habit sand behavior due to COVID-19.

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LRW Study – Consumer Behavior and Coronavirus: The Disparity between US Coasts and the Heartland

Changes in consumer behavior because of COVID-19 from a geographic perspective.

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Euromonitor COVID-19 Blog Seris

A collection of studies on COVID-19 and its impact on different industries and consumer behaviors from around the globe.

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2020 Edelman Trust Barometer Special Report – Trust and the Coronavirus

Research on how much people in 10 countries trust various information sources.

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Dynata Global Trends Special Report: COVID-19

A special report exploring the changes in consumer attitudes and behaviors due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

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NPD – How COVID-19 is Impacting Consumer

Ongoing insights on how consumer spending is changing during the pandemic..

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Decision Analyst – COVID-19 Impact on Dining Behavior Report

Report on consumer’s dining behaviors and their impact due to COVID-19.

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MDRG - Tracking Consumer Behavior Amid COVID-19

Tracker study on consumer behavior.

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IntelliSurvey’s Life in the Times of COVID-19

Survey series tracking the attitudes and behaviors of American adults as a result of the COVID-19 outbreak.

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Nielsen’s Key Consumer Behavior Thresholds Identified as the Coronavirus Outbreak Evolves

Research that has identified six key consumer behavior threshold levels that tie directly to concerns around the novel coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak.

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Ipsos Election 2020 & Coronavirus Webinar

How the coronavirus can impact the 2020 election.

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Civic Science – Coronavirus Research

A variety of research on Coronavirus and its impacts on various parts of society.

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Dynata Global Trends Special Edition COVID-19 Webinar: Conducting Research During Uncertain Times (EMEA & APAC) Webinar

Webinar on how to conduct research in uncertain times.

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FuelCycle COVID-19 Economic Pulse Survey

Research on consumer purchasing behaviors during COVID-19.

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How COVID-19 has affected online retail in China

Analysis on how COVID-19 has impacted consumer behavior in China.

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Borderless Access - Impact of COVID-19 on Consumer Behavior

Research around consumer behavior, shopping and media consumption.

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Research America Coronavirus Infographic

Infographic on American’s feeling on Coronavirus.

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Research Study: What we are learning about how customers are ordering food right now - Bottle Rocket/Alpha

Ongoing consumer behavior study focused on how consumers are ordering food and the changes that are occurring because of COVID-19.

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Escalent - How Commercial & Fleet Vehicle Businesses Will Forge On Through COVID-19 Webinar

Webinar on how COVID-19 is impacting commercial and fleet vehicle sales.

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New Ongoing Study: Effect Of Brand And Retailer Actions On Consumer Perceptions During COVID-19 from AMC Global & Opinion Route

Ongoing syndicated study looking at consumer feelings towards specific companies.

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SurveyMonkey Coronavirus Statistics: Tracking Global Public Sentiment Over Time (Updated Weekly)

Ongoing study on global sentiment on COVID-19 on a variety of topics.

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GRBN Global Trust Survey to explore impact of COVID-19

Global research measuring the public trust in research companies.

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Piplsay - The COVID-19 contagion: How is the UK affected?

Research into how the UK has been impacted by the pandemic.

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OdinAnswers – Listening to Customers in Uncertain Times

Research into customer experience during COVID-19.

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Decooda Webinar - Journey Interrupted: Rethinking the Customer Experience After the Coronavirus

Webinar into customer emotions and perceptions during COVID-19.

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84:51 - COVID-19: The Impact on Customer Needs

Insights about the changing consumer needs and what CPGs can do to meet them.

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Life in Quarantine: Vices and Gratitudes

Poll on the consumer life in quarantine and their feelings.

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Debunking the "New Normal"

Webinar on consumer's behaviors and activities and whether they will be sustainable after the pandemic.

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Beyond the Pandemic: The Unintended Welcome Impact of the Lockdown

Blog that explores some of the unintended impacts for consumers because of the pandemic.

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ICF - Americans Pick Public Health Over the Economy

New insights around American's opinions on health and the economy.

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MarketVision - COVID-19 and the Impact on Financial Services: A Path Forward

New insights around consumer's behaviors from COVID-19 and the impact to Financial Services sector.

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Numerator - eNumerate Webinar

Webinar around the consumer shift to online and how the pandemic has impacted this.

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Segmentation Uncovers The Unique Challenges That Abound During COVID-19

New blog about behaviors and attitudes of consumer and Bellomy's new COVID-19 concern continuum.

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Do American See COVID-19 As A Personal Threat?

New blog about how Americans view the current pandemic in term of a threat to their lifestyle and health.

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How Will Restaurant Consumers Change Behavior In The Post-COVID-19 Economy

New blog the consumer's behavior towards restaurants will change.

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International Survey on Coronavirus and Government Response

International study on the perceptions of government and its response to the pandemic.

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Changes to Work and Consumer Communication Habits During COVID-19

Research into the changes of work and communication behaviors and attitudes during the pandemic.

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Gender Differences With Working From Home and COVID-19 Hardships

Research into the changes of work and communication behaviors and attitudes during the pandemic and how they differ by gender.

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Regional Differences with Working from Home and COVID-19 Hardships

Research into the changes of work and communication behaviors and attitudes during the pandemic and how they differ by region.

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Age Differences with Working from Home and COVID-19 Hardships

Research into the changes of work and communication behaviors and attitudes during the pandemic and how they differ by age.

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Income Differences with Working from Home and COVID-19 Hardships

Research into the changes of work and communication behaviors and attitudes during the pandemic and how they differ by income.

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Positive COVID Stories

Research into some of the positive aspects of the quarantine people have uncovered.

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The Impact of COVID-19 on the Unconscious Mind

Webinar focused on how the pandemic is impacting the emotions attitudes, and behaviors of Gen Z, Millennials and Boomers.

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COVID-19 Consumer Study

Research on consumer perceptions, the impact on purchasing, as well as planning for a post-COVID-19 world.

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How are We Adjusting to our "New Normal": Global Consumer Trends COVID-19

Blog highlighting research conducted into consumber behaviors.

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Why We Buy Weird Things in Times of Crisis

Blog highlighting some of the odd purchasing behavior that has occurred during the pandemic.

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Coronavirus Impact on Food Behavior: Clean Label Eating on the Rise

Blog highlighting the changes in consumer behavior tied to food purchasing.

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COVID-19 Behavioral Research

Ongoing research by Gongos into changes in consumer behavior around a variety of categories.

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Luxury Consumer Sentiment & COVID-19

Research into the impact of the pandemic on luxury consumers, and how their sentiments have been impacted. .

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Thirveplan - Jefferies Equity Research Webinar - What Happens Next

Research on the pandemic and what happens next from a psychological and literature model perspective.

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Understanding People Today to Emerge Stronger Tomorrow

Webinar on people's behavior changes due to COVID-19 and how it will impact business after the lockdown.

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How Essential Is Sports?

Research on how consumer view sports, and how much they miss them during the pandemic.

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How Are Consumers Feeling About Restaurant Dining?

New research released by Measure Protocol and Decode Consulting about the consumer sentiment on returning to on-premise dining at restaurants.

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Today's Consumer Mindset & Behavior Webinar - Greenbook

Webinar presented by Greenbook on how the consumer mindset has been impacted and changed due to the pandemic..

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Our Response to the COVID-19 Outbreak - MetrixLab

MetricLab's collection of COVID-19 research, including a global study on the COVID-19's impact, how it has impacted the financial markets in Brazil and much more.

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B2B Research

How B2B Decision Makers Are Responding To The Coronavirus Crisis?

Research into how B2B decision-makers are responding to the pandemic.

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COVID-19 And Jobs: Monitoring The US Impact On People And Places

Research into industries impacted by the pandemic and how it is correlated to different places and jobs.

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Dig Insights - COVID-19 Was A Surprise — What Comes Next For Business Is Predictable

Insights and predictions about how the business environment will look when things recover.

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BCG Perspectives - Facts, Scenarios, and Actions for Business Leaders

Insights from global business leaders about navigating COVID-19 and the landscape post-pandemic.

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McKinsey - Tracking US small and medium-sized business sentiment during COVID-19

Research into SMB sentiment towards the pandemic and its impact on their business.

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Escalent - How Commercial & Fleet Vehicle Businesses Will Forge On Through COVID-19 Webinar

Webinar on how COVID-19 is impacting commercial and fleet vehicle sales.

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Majority of UK Research Firms See Significant COVID-19 Impact

New research by MRS and Watermelon research around the impact COVID-19 has had on the UK market research industry.

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How Restaurants Can Thrive in the Next Normal

New research by McKinsey on the restaurant industry and actions they need to take to cater to consumers' new dining needs and preferences.

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Healthcare Research

EMI - Healthcare Research in the Time of COVID-19

Blog about response rates and whether research should be conducted in the healthcare industry during the pandemic.

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Thousands of International Doctors in 30 Countries Respond to COVID-19 Real Time Barometer Study

Thousands of doctors from 30 countries donate their time on a weekly basis to give their insights on a variety of topics around COVID-19.

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Burke - Telehealth: Does COVID-19 Spur a New Normal for Patient-Doctor Interactions?

Research into whether telehealth will continue after the pandemic.

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Toluna & Trinity Life Sciences - U.S. Physicians Still Willing to Participate in Healthcare Market Research During Coronavirus Pandemic

Study on whether physician are still willing to participate in market research.

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Panel Behavior Research

Bellomy Survey Response Research

Data from Bellomy on their tracking studies and their response rates.

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Lucid Marketplace Metrics

Metrics of Lucid online sample marketplace, including completes, response rates, etc.

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Zappi – The Impact of COVID-19 on Consumer Responses to Advertising and Innovation Testing

Data from a multi-country study around differences in responses to advertising and innovations, prior to and during COVID-19.

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Will Our Panels Change?

Blog from Dynata about changes to their panels during the pandemic.

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Research Continuity in the Time of COVID-19

Blog and insights from Dynata internal panels about surveys completed during the pandemic.

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How COVID-19 Behaviors Differ by Sample Provider

Research into how COVID behaviors and attitudes of respondents differ by sample provider.

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Rakuten Insights: What Are Our APAC Respondents Thinking About Market Research During COVID-19

Research into how APAC respondents view market research during the current pandemic.

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Advanced Intuitive COVID-19 Reporting PowerBI Report from Johns Hopkins
ARF Townhall – How Coronavirus is affecting the advertising industry

Details from industry experts on how the pandemic is impacting the industry and what people could expect.

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Digsite Webinar – Research with Online Qual and Consumer Reactions to COVID-19
ESOMAR Official COVID-19 Statement
ESOMAR COVID-19 Resources
Implications of COVID-19 for the Insights & Analytics Industry – Greenbook
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Burke - Fight Uncertainty with Insight: Why Research Remains a Viable—and Vital—Resource in a COVID-19 World
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Response Rates in the Time of COVID-19
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Greenbook – Conducting Research in the Times of Crisis
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What Customers Need to Hear from You During the COVID Crisis
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Webinar - What's Next
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