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At EMI Research Solutions, we deliver marketing research sample by helping our clients conduct online quantitative research. We have spent nearly 20 years advising our clients on the best way to administer online surveys.

Managing Our Market Research Sample Network

We have a large, global, network of partners, each with their own unique group of respondents that make up our marketing research sample:

  • Each partner is put through a rigorous certification/vetting process where only 30% of those put through the process are added to our network.
  • We have a very strict process to assess and manage our network to ensure our clients have the highest quality respondents for their business decisions.
  • Our sole focus is on understanding the sample landscape so our clients can focus on other aspects of online research.

We have a proprietary sample management platform that allows us to effectively manage our entire network, ensuring there is no duplication across panels, and that bots and fraudulent respondents are removed before they ever receive your survey.

EMI’s Marketing Research Sample Expertise

EMI Research Solutions is distinctive among other marketing research suppliers.  As a leading online marketing research sample aggregator, we have built a network of over 150 different panel partners to ensure we provide quality, unbiased market research sample, rather than try to make projects fit a specific panel.  Our goal is to leverage our capabilities to develop the highest-quality, most cost-effective sample results in the shortest amount of time.

We excel in delivering consumer, business (B2B), healthcare market research sample, as well as other hard-to-reach to reach groups.  

How Marketing Research Samples Add Value

At EMI, our goal is to provide you quality, unbiased marketing research sample.  We do this by leveraging our global partner network to get you the best sample, then utilizing our proprietary sample management platform, SWIFT, to connect our network to your survey.  Our cloud-based system integrates multiple modules to provide features like advanced quota management, click balancing, a single set of redirects, as well as industry-leading quality measures, like an innovative bot and fraud detection, superior digital fingerprinting, and Next-Gen CAPTCHA that allows us to launch, manage, and close studies with speed and accuracy.

In addition to the quality measures we have built into SWIFT, we put each partner in our network through a rigorous certification process to better understand their recruiting methods, validation process and other quality measures they have in place.  When combined, it ensures we provide the industry’s best quality.

Our world-class project management team works with you as an extension of your team, providing you a single point of contact, utilizing responsiveness, creativity and flexibility to help you navigate any issues may have with your marketing research.

Our Marketing Research Solutions

EMI Research Solutions can provide you a wide breadth of solutions to address all your quantitative marketing research needs.

Our services include: