Intellicast S6E15 — An IIeX Recap with Mike Herrel of Directions Research

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June 1, 2023
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June 5, 2023
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Intellicast S6E15 — An IIeX Recap with Mike Herrel of Directions Research

Welcome back to Intellicast! This episode is a much-anticipated recap of the IIeX conference last week. It’s not your average recap though; we’re joined by Mike Herrel of Directions Research! He’s a long time listener and first-time guest so we’re excited to have him!

Before we get into the IIeX recap, Mike gives an overview of Directions’ integration of Seek a few years ago as well as Aimpoint Research. The three brands interact to answer any questions their clients have regarding their business.

Producer Brian and Mike kick off the interview with their overall impressions of the conference. They were both first-time attendees—and have mixed reviews of the unique headphone experience. The guys all agree that the conference is always jam-packed with back-to-back sessions. Many of those sessions surrounded artificial intelligence and how it can be used to assist researchers. Their main takeaway is to think of the relationship with AI as less of a battle and more of a partnership.

The guys round out the interview with a fun debate, a favorite non-conference activity, and some interesting, if not tragic, travel stories. If you weren’t able to attend the conference or just want a refresher of the main takeaways, be sure to tune in!

Thanks for listening!

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