Intellicast S5E5 – Talking Data Quality with Cheskie Rosenzweig of CloudResearch

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February 1, 2022
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February 9, 2022
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Intellicast S5E5 – Talking Data Quality with Cheskie Rosenzweig of CloudResearch


Welcome back to Intellicast! We have another great guest joining us on this episode. Cheskie Rosenzweig, the Senior Research and Product Scientist at CloudResearch joins Brian Lamar and Producer Brian to talk about data quality.

The episode kicks off with Cheskie giving us some insight into his background and how he got into market research. Like many who have answered this question, Cheskie didn’t have a direct route into the market research industry. Cheskie then gives us a bit of detail about how he ended up at CloudResearch, as well as what CloudResearch does. 

The conversation then turns to data quality.  Cheskie talks about how and why he started to focus on data quality. He talks about how his curiosity after learning more about the panel industry and his background in psychology led him down the path to explore data quality.

Cheskie then talks about how he thinks about data quality, which leads to him talking about CloudResearch’s data quality tool, Sentry. He then gives Brian an overview of the Sentry tool, which is a pre-survey qualification/vetting tool that routes high-quality and low-quality respondents.  As Cheskie explains, it integrates some “nifty” behavioral questions as part of the vetting process. Cheskie also talks about how they have incorporated semantic-network questions into Sentry as well.

In the last part of the interview, we switch gears and get to know Cheskie a bit better on a personal level with a new edition of the 4 P’s.  We learn that Cheskie’s hidden talent is that he is a baker. What was probably the biggest surprise is that both he and Brian both watch marble racing.

This is a great chat about data quality that you don’t want to miss.

If you want to learn more about CloudResearch and Sentry, visit their website:

You can connect with Cheskie on LinkedIn here:

Thanks for listening!

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