Intellicast S4E40 – A Quirks NY Recap with Tony Brown and Gabby Blados

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November 8, 2021
Top 4 Takeaways from the Quirks New York Conference
November 15, 2021
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Intellicast S4E40 – A Quirks NY Recap with Tony Brown and Gabby Blados


Welcome back to Intellicast! Joining Brian Lamar and Producer Brian are Gabby Blados and Tony Brown of EMI to talk about the Quirks New York conference they attended last week.

[2:03] Starting the episode off, Brian Lamar and Producer Brian touch a couple of breaking news items. First, they touch on Directions Research and their new acquisition of Aimpoint. They then touch on Schlesinger’s latest acquisition of Methodify and Ask Canadians from Delvinia.

[4:25] We switch gears and talk about the Quirks New York Conference with Tony and Gabby. Tony kicks it off by giving his high-level impressions of the conference. He talks about how great it was to see people face-to-face again.

[5:46] Gabby then jumps in and gives us her perspective, both of the overall conference, her experience with it being her first large conference, and how it differed from the GLC local conference she attended earlier in the fall.

[8:23] Gabby and Tony then take turns talking about some of their favorite sessions and key takeaways they learned. These included:

  • Gen Z and how they are shaking up market research
  • Best practices for screener and survey design
  • Millennials and B2B research
  • COVID’s continued impact on research
  • ESOMAR results of insight buyers
  • Events around the conference
  • And much more

Thanks for tuning in!

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