Intellicast S3E10 – Schlesinger, X4 and a Quirks Brooklyn Recap

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Intellicast S3E10 – Schlesinger, X4 and a Quirks Brooklyn Recap


On this week’s Intellicast, Jason Inderhees joins Brian Lamar for a second time.

The episode starts off with the guys discussing the postponement of the Qualtrics X4 Summit due to Coronavirus concerns, and how it might affect other upcoming conferences.  They then talk about Schlesinger Groups’ acquisition of Market Cube, and what it means for the industry. And in the final news story of the week, the guys talk about Nationscape, a new public opinion research project through a partnership with USA Today, Democracy Fund and UCLA. 

In the second half of the episode, Jason gives us a recap of Quirks Brooklyn.  This was Jason’s first time going to Quirks, and he was amazed by all the activities that went on around the conference.  He also talks about the number of qualitative research topics and companies he encountered, including ones that promoted qualitative research as an add-on to quantitative. 

Jason also discusses his favorite session of the conference; Bad data is misinforming business decisions – How brands are uniting to ensure data quality.  He was encouraged that brands are starting to demand data quality and that they are willing to pay for it. 

To close out the episode, the guys talk a couple of current events, including daylight savings time, and a visit by Intern Emma!


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