Market Research Supplier

EMI Research Solutions is a market research supplier that delivers high quality, unbiased, market research data tailored to meet the needs of your business.  We have a large well-vetted and managed partner network that we use to make sure we can provide you with a sample that best fits your specific business objectives.

Why Market Research is ImportantMarket research supplier EMI research

In today’s competitive marketplace, it is important to obtain valid and trustworthy market research so that you and/or your client can feel confident in subsequent business decisions.  A high-quality sample will help to make sure that your product or service is appealing to your target audience and making your company more profitable.

Innovative Market Research – SWIFT Technology

In order to make sure our clients achieve the best results possible, we use the SWIFT dashboard, our proprietary project management tool.  This platform allows us to launch, field, and close studies with more accuracy than other market research firms by combining:

  • Quota management
  • Click balancing
  • Digital fingerprinting to ensure no duplication and fraud
  • Overall project visibility

Why Choose EMI?

At EMI we specialize in providing consumer, business-to-business, and healthcare samples. Our partner network of over 150 unique online Panel Sample EMI Researchsample providers ensure we can meet your needs no matter how hard to reach your target audience is.  EMI’s project management team will work closely with your company every step of the way to help navigate any issues and deliver the best possible results.