Consumer Product Testing

Consumer product testing is the most common process of obtaining consumer feedback for the performance of products. Consumer testing is completed during the research and development stage in many businesses to ensure that consumers fully understand their product and its properties. During the product testing phase, the end user uses the product and then reports any reactions that occur, as well as their experience with the product. There are three types of strategies that can be used to test the product:

  • Alpha Test: Testing completed in labs by internal employees
  • Beta Test: Short-term testing for specific consumer markets.
  • Gamma Test: Thorough testing completely done by the target market.

These testing strategies are implemented to increase product awareness for businesses before the new product is launched to their market. Factors such as identity disclosure, user group, and control should all be taken into account when planning a user test to ensure that accurate data is gathered for the product. 

EMI Research Solutions is here to help you with consumer product testing so that you can be certain that the products you are developing meet consumer expectations in terms of appeal, brand image, and pricing. It is crucial to make sure that all of these objectives are met to ensure that you are providing the best possible customer service so products perform as expected in the marketplace.

Understanding Your Product

One of the initial steps in new product development or a product restage is to obtain consumer feedback. Among the items that are integral for a brand to know include:

  • Where the product is going to be marketed
  • The target customer demographic
  • Pricing expectations
  • Purchase frequency

In-Home Usage Tests (iHUTS)

At EMI we will use our network of panels to build you a custom group of product testers for a wide variety of products.  A few examples of products we can help you with for in-home usage tests include candy, laundry detergent, and even dog food.

Sample Building

EMI Research Solutions is rooted in providing customized blends of sample panels for both the market research firms and testing clients as well. In 2020, EMI continues to provide respondents and communities with quality recruiting services. Private community building, large consumer recruiting, profiled panelists, and continuous panel management will help clients achieve accurate sample data. EMI has access to many consumer groups worldwide. Some of our targeting abilities include:

  • General Information
  • Automotive
  • Specialty Panels
  • Health 
  • Finance
  • Travel
  • Technology

 Contact EMI Research Solutions to search for better testing solutions.

Our Network of Panels

A consumer panel is a group of selected individuals that represent the general population or target group and provide input and opinion on products or services for research. Our carefully selected network of consumer product testing panels will help to ensure the most efficient use of your research spend and the highest response rate to product tests.  We understand that the R&D process is time-intensive and expensive, so we want to provide the most data possible to ensure you make the best business decision moving forward.  Whether you are just in need of recruiting/placement for an online sample or need help with the whole process our team can deliver whatever your clients are looking for.