Intellicast S6E28 – A Look at AI in Market Research

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November 9, 2023
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November 14, 2023
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Intellicast S6E28 – A Look at AI in Market Research

Welcome back to Intellicast! Today’s episode is a bit different than normal. Brian Lamar and Producer Brian kick off the episode by jumping into some market research news, but all stories are tied to the theme of today’s epsiode: AI.

First up, the guys discuss the news of SurveyMonkey’s new AI tool called Build with AI. They talk about how this can help non-researchers write better questionnaires, along with some speculating about what they hope to see in the tool in the near future.  It leads to Brian Lamar touching on a recent WIRe event in Cincinnati where AI was discussed.

Next, the guys touch on Voxpopme’s new AI tool called Live Interviews. It leads to a conversation about how quickly qualitative firms have embraced technology since COVID.

In the final news story, Brian and Brian discuss the recent findings from a Qualtrics study on market researchers’ impressions and feelings of AI in market research.  There were some surprising results, but the guys found it helpful that while people were optimistic, they did recognize the potential hazards.

In the next segment, they guys dig into how AI is being used throughout the industry, along with a variety of examples.  They also talk about how EMI is using it internally, for both market research and just to increase efficiency. They guys talk about how they are personally using it along with some of the experiments they have been doing. Brian talks about how while he was testing image creation, he found a glitch where AI was misspelling words in the images, even after being told not to misspell it and being given the correct spelling.  Brian Lamar also gives an example of one of the other applications that his team is using AI for. 

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