Intellicast S5E18 – Making Market Research More Inclusive With Tim Cornelius of QuestionPro and P3 Technology

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Intellicast S5E18 – Making Market Research More Inclusive With Tim Cornelius of QuestionPro and P3 Technology


Welcome back to Intellicast! Brian Lamar and Producer Brian are both super excited about this episode.  Joining us today is Tim Cornelius, Director of Audience Operations at QuestionPro and the CEO at P3 Technology.  Also joining is EMI’s own Angelica Jump, who is not only a Research Manager, but lead’s our Diversity and Inclusion committee.

Tim joins us today to discuss inclusivity and accessibility of market research, particularly for people with disabilities.  (If you attended IIeX this year, this should sound familiar, Tim presented on this topic there.)

The episode kicks off with Tim discussing his background in market research, which naturally leads to how he became so passionate about making research more inclusive for people with disabilities, and how it led him to found P3 Technology. Tim and Brian get into a bit more detail about P3 and what they bring not only to market research, but to the business world at large.

When Tim talks about how he became passionate about this topic, he tells us a great story about when he has his “Ah Ha” moment that probably every researcher can relate to.  He talks about finding the perfect respondent based on criteria, but she was disqualified.  Tim came to find out that she was deaf and was getting disqualified because she was failing a quality check question based on a video that had no closed captioning by default and no way for her to skip or go back in the survey.

Tim then gets into why it is important for businesses and researchers to make their studies inclusive and accessible to everyone. Knowing that some of the most important decisions a business make are based financially, he talks about the buying power people with disabilities represent, and the number of people in the US that may have a disability, whether they are ones you can see or not.

The episode then takes a bit of a personal turn as Tim discusses his own experiences and how it ties back to his passion around accessibility.  Producer Brian then talks about his color blindness (that’s right the marketing guy is color blind). 

In that last portion of the podcast, Tim, Angelica, and the guys discuss what researchers can start doing to make their surveys more inclusive, as well as some best practices for not only surveys but for their business in general. 

This is an eye-opening episode you don’t want to miss!

Thanks for listening.

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