Consumer Panels


At EMI Research Solutions, our roots are in identifying and maintaining a strong network of partners as well as building custom sample solutions for end EMI Research Market researchclients and market research firms. Our vast network of consumer panels gives us access to a wide variety of consumer profiling points so you can better uncover the insights you need.

When the data collected from our custom blends is combined with your sales data, you can better determine the “what” and “why” behind your brand sales and fine tune your marketing strategy to reach more potential consumers.


Diverse Panel Partners

EMI will blend your sample from our network of over 150 panel partners based on demographic and geographic characteristics that specifically fit your company’s needs. In order to grow your company, it is important to gain a deeper insight into the minds and voices of consumers and potential buyers. Our customer panel blends will help you determine if you need to EMI Research online Consumer Panlesincrease the number of people being reached by your brand, or if the people that know your brand need to buy more of it.

Why Choose EMI?

EMI’s experience in identifying and managing consumer panels makes us your best optionfor conducting market research. We will offer your company unique insights that will allow you to uncover exactly who your customer is, how they buy, and why their behavior changes over time. These insights will help you develop your company’s strategies and grow your business.