Intellicast S4E41 – Trusting Data and A Discussion on Rebranding Names

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November 15, 2021
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Intellicast S4E41 – Trusting Data and A Discussion on Rebranding Names


Welcome back to Intellicast! We have a fun episode for you today!  Joining Brian Lamar and Producer Brian is Andrew DeCilles again to talk some latest market research news.

[4:05] The episode kicks off with the guys discussing a recently released research report from Adverity that found one-third of CMO’s lack trust in their marketing data. This led to a discussion about what could cause that, and why it might be happening. Producer Brian gives his perspective as the marketing guy on where he would fall if asked this. He talks about how he puts his trust in the source of the data, and its consistency in his measure of trust.

[10:23] The guys then move on and talk about Leger’s acquisition of the Vancouver-based full-service firm, Insights West. 

[11:39] In the next news story, Brian and Andrew discuss some more big news from the sample arena. This time the major investment Prodege received by Great Hill Partners. This actually leads to a broader debate about whether the data a panel provides changes when they receive significant money, either investment, acquisition, etc.

[17:25] In our last news story of the episode, the guys talk about Wise Works rebrand to Torfac.  While Brian and Andrew don’t spend a lot of time on the actual story, it leads to an old-school rant by Brian about the recent rebrand trend and the names companies are rebranding to.

If you missed Brian’s rants from past seasons, this is the episode for you!

Thanks for listening and Happy Thanksgiving!

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