Intellicast S4E10 – Michael Willens of Adler Weiner Research

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February 25, 2021
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Intellicast S4E10 – Michael Willens of Adler Weiner Research


Welcome back to Intellicast!  On today’s episode, Michel Willens, Managing Director and Partner at Adler Weiner Research, joins Brian Lamar and Producer Brian to talk the challenges in-person facilities have faced, along with the changes they have made to made clients and participants feel safe to return in in-person qualitative research.

Kicking off the episode, Michael talks about the challenges his organization faced when the COVID lockdown began, and how he navigated it.  This included how to navigate in different geographic regions where the restrictions differed. 

Michael then talks about the opportunity they uncovered during 2020 that has led to a lucrative new market for his organization.  He also discusses the partnerships and relationships he developed over time and how he leveraged them during the crisis.

The guys then talk about different industries they have seen either increase or pull back their research efforts, both on a qualitative and quantitative perspective. There are a few industries that might surprise you!

Finally, Michael talks about the safety precautions that they have put in-place to ensure that they are not only following the CDC guidelines, but how they are going above and beyond to make respondents feel safe in their facilities.

If you want to connect with Michael, you can reach him by phone at 310-440-2330, by email at [email protected], or on LinkedIn. You can learn more about Adler Weiner by visiting their website

Thanks for listening!

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