Intellicast S4E4 – Xcelerant, Behaviorally, and New Legislation

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January 22, 2021
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January 27, 2021
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Welcome back to Intellicast! Today’s episode is a news-filled one! 

Brian Lamar and Producer Brian kick it off by talking about a couple of branding changes that occurred last week. First, the guys talk about the new omnibus services launched by Directions Research called Xcelerant. 

They then talk about PRS In Vivo US rebranding as Behaviorally. It leads to a conversation about how they have tied their focus into their name.

Next, the guys talk about some new data privacy and legislation news. First, they discuss California’s new law, A.B. 2257, that wants research respondents to be treated as independent contractors and for incentives to be meet the minimum wage. This leads to a long discussion on the potential impact to online researchers, including whether this will lead to an increase in professional respondents, will it improve data quality, or will it be a driver to a respondent scoring system.

In the second story on this topic, the guys talk about the announcement from CES from executives of 3 big tech firms that they expect a new nationwide data privacy law to be introduced by the new administration. 

Brian and Producer Brian then talk about a recent LinkedIn post by Patrick Comer around the Research Technology (Restech) industry.  They talk about what they found interesting where different organizations are placed.  You can check it out here.

They also touch on the launch of SampleNinja, the new DIY respondent management hub from, and Luth’s new panel that swaps company shares for data.

Thanks for listening!

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