The Top 4 Presentations from The Qualtrics X4 Summit

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The Top 4 Presentations from The Qualtrics X4 Summit

EMI at X4

The X4 Experience Management Summit presented by Qualtrics was last week, and we had a team in attendance.  This 4-day event is one of the premiere experience management events, bringing attendees in from all over the globe to listen to world-class speakers and presentations. 

Beyond the keynote speakers, like Oprah, President Obama, Sir Richard Branson, Ashton Kutcher, Adam Silver, Ryan Smith, and many others, we have put together a list of what we felt were the top 4 presentations from X4.

Seven Secrets of Storytelling Success with Data by JD Schramm, Lecturer at Stanford GSB

This was a great presentation that discussed how data could be used to tell compelling stories. JD talked about how data could be used not only to tell a story but also how to tell a compelling story based on how the data is presented. He gave 7 great tips with developing your story to ensure the story was understandable, relatable, and compelling, without being overwhelming because of the data you are using. A great point he made is that there is a thin line between analysis paralysis and cherry-picking anecdotes.

The Big Data Theory: How CBS Generates & Acts on Insights by Matching Experience and Operations Data by Radha Subramanyam, Chief Research & Analytics Officer at CBS

Radha Subramanyam led a great presentation on how CBS is unifying their view on the disparate consumer data streams and using that to help them make decisions.  She gave a great example of how they merge survey data with other consumer data to be able to profile people to know the shows they watch, shows they may watch, and pilots they would watch it they went to series. It was awesome to see how data was being used!

Backstory on a Breakthrough Brand: How T-Mobile’s Un-Carrier Revolutionized the US Wireless Market by Jesse Purewal, Partner at Prophet

This presentation was an eye-opening look into T-Mobile after their 2011 merger to AT&T was refused.  Jesse talked about how at that time T-Mobile’s market share was shrinking and they did not offer many unique attributes in the increasingly commoditized mobile phone carrier marketplace.  They turned to market research and a rebranding strategy to help revitalize the company.  He talked about the steps they took in the rebranding effort, and how they incorporated market research to rebrand T-Mobile as the “Un-Carrier,” turning around the company to what is now the third-largest carrier in the US.

Breaking Down CX Breakthroughs: The Future of Transformational Customer Experiences by Webb Stevens, VP of CX at Qualtrics, and David Neeleman, Founder of JetBlue

This presentation showed the value of customer experience and how it can be leveraged to grow brand and customer loyalty.  Webb and David discussed how JetBlue, in an industry where consumers make purchasing decisions primarily on price and availability, have been able to leverage a unique customer experience to build consumer loyalty.  They gave great examples of how business leaders are using the feedback they receive about customer experience to grow their brands and increase awareness of their brand identity. 

We also wanted to do an honorable mention for Dr. Peter Lovatt, an acedemic psychologist, and former professional dancer (a.k.a. Dr. Dance).  He was brought up between keynotes to discuss how the movement can impact mood and emotions, and how that can play into our creativity and problem-solving ability.  As part of his discussions, he got the crowd up and moving, and really energized.

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