EMI Partners with SampleChain to Improve Data Quality to Clients

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EMI Partners with SampleChain to Improve Data Quality to Clients

EMI Expands their Commitment to Data Quality

Cincinnati, OHOctober 26, 2020 – EMI Research Solutions has partnered with data quality and anti-fraud software platform, SampleChain, integrating their capabilities into SWIFT, EMI’s proprietary sample management platform.

“This partnership brings together the industry’s best sample management and digital fingerprinting technology in our SWIFT platform, and the best in fraud and data quality technology with SampleChain’s technology.

Adding SampleChain into our existing data quality toolset helps ensure that our clients can continue to trust that EMI is providing them the highest quality data for which they gather their insights.”


- Michael Holmes, Founder & CEO, EMI Research Solutions

Integrated into SWIFT, SampleChain’s technology adds an additional layer of protection to prevent bots, bad actors, and click farm-based respondents from entering the client’s surveys. Coupled with EMI’s proprietary digital fingerprinting system, stringent Partner Assessment Process, and other data quality tools, we are able to offer clients a high level of confidence in their data quality.

“We are very happy to support EMI Research Solution’s complex data collection and sampling strategies. Data Quality is the foundation that our industry stands on, and SampleChain is proud to assist our EMI on this front. Our standard suite and the custom work that we did for EMI tightens the levers and goes further against fraud than ever before.”


-Vignesh Krishnan, CEO, SampleChain

You can learn about SampleChain’s offerings on their website: www.samplechain.co

Learn more about EMI’s sample management platform via our website: www.emi-rs.com