Online Sample Providers

EMI Research Solutions is an online sample consultancy that understands the entire sample landscape, not just a single panel. Our goal is to create a strategic blend of sample based on your project, rather than make your project fit any specific panel. EMI’s combination of experience and use of the newest technologies available makes us your best choice for an online sample provider.

Diverse Panels

With a correct sample plan, you can generate high-quality insights to ensure a confident business decision. Online sampling is a great way to gather insights on your products, consumers, trends, opinions, or marketplace. To ensure you get the best results possible you want a provider that can access the most diverse sample sources possible for B2B, consumer, and vertical markets all around the world.

Our global partner network will provide you with the widest reach, highest quality data, and most engaged respondents with access to any segment of the population no matter how small or hard to reach.

Market Research Panel Partner Selection

EMI actively manages a global partner network of over 150 online panels.  We are constantly evaluating and measuring performance and quality to ensure we provide the best quality sample. Here are a few questions we ask when evaluating sample partners:

  • How do they recruit to and manage their panel?  
  • How do they validate their respondents?  
  • Are they prescreening?
  • What type of profiling and targeting is available?
  • What level of service do they provide?
  • How are respondents being incentivized?
  • What investments are being made on their end to stay on top of trends?

In the market research industry, it is incredibly important to make sure that you are getting the highest quality sample when conducting market research and EMI Research Solutions will make sure that you are satisfied with the results from your online samples.