Research Panel

Research Panel

Research panels are a key for conducting high quality quantitative marketing research in today’s online and digital world. Whenever your company is planning to release a new product or service, or upgrade an existing one, or many other business EMI Research Solutions man at computerobjectives it is incredibly important to conduct market research.

Research Panel Benefits

With the right research panel provider, you can discover valuable information about your target audience so that you can better develop and improve your product or service before its release. By targeting specific respondents, we will make sure that the research being conducted is relevant and personalized.

Diverse Respondents

EMI actively manages its panel network to make sure that they are always up to date and will fit your project specifications. We offer access to a wide range of panels comprised of respondents from many different demographics that cover research targets including:EMI Research Solutions diverse panelists at a computer

  • Consumer
  • B2B
  • Health Care

At EMI we excel in finding panel members from hard to reach groups so that we can get you sample that fits your exact needs. Our access to so many respondents means we can deliver quality results for even the most challenging sample groups and quotas.