Intellicast S6E11– Current Events, Conferences, and More

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April 10, 2023
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May 1, 2023
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Intellicast S6E11– Current Events, Conferences, and More


Welcome back to Intellicast! On today’s episode, Brian Lamar and Producer Brian cover the latest news from the market research industry. The guys will take some time to cover current events, conferences, and more.

Brian Lamar has had a busy travel schedule for Q1, so he kicks off the episode by sharing his experience with a few different industry conferences including Quirks, the Pharmaceutical Conference, the upcoming IA Annual Conference, and more! The overview of the IA Annual Conference is a great way to get warmed up for the event if you’re attending. Brian even shares a preview of our speaking session with Chuck Miller of DM2.

In the second segment, Brian and Brian discuss the 5th edition of The Sample Landscape report which launched April 11th. The report has an entirely new look and feel—listeners will get a sneak peek into how the sausage gets made in terms of laying out the research and its evolution. The report is truly a labor of love for everyone at EMI and we’re always looking to make it better, so let us know what you think of it!

The guys then touch on a few different news stories including Escalent’s acquisition of Hall & Partners and C Space from Omnicom. The new combined organization will offer access to a proprietary platform that helps manage brand knowledge with almost 2,000 employees in 20 countries. They also touch on Xperiti’s launch of Vepp which says it will mitigate fraudulent responses in B2B research. Sidenote: should the podcast start a “Market Research Name Quiz?” If we did, could you pass? Come on the podcast and find out!

Thanks for listening!

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