Intellicast S5E34 – A Changing of the Guard At Some MRX Big Hitters

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November 8, 2022
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Intellicast S5E34 – A Changing of the Guard At Some MRX Big Hitters


Welcome back to Intellicast! Brian Lamar and Producer Brian are diving into another news-fueled episode today.

In the episode’s first segment, Brian Lamar goes rogue with an off-script news story that literally hits his inbox as we were recording. Schlesinger Group announced that Reed Cundiff will be their new CEO replacing Steve Schlesinger who has served as CEO for the past 20 years.  Friend of the podcast, Isaac Rogers was also promoted to President.

Continuing with this theme, the guys discuss Dynata’s announcement that they have appointed Mike Petrullo formerly of Dodge Data & Analytics as CEO, replacing Gary Laben. This leads down a bit of a rabbit hole on big-name free agents in MRX and what they might be doing next.  

In the next segment, Brian and Brian chat about Forsta’s partnership with CX data specialist GemSeek to launch a predictive net promoter score that will allow clients to access predictions about “silent customers” who don’t respond to surveys or submit feedback. This begs the question—if your experience is just “fine” do you really need to complete an NPS survey?

ESOMAR also announced the results of its council elections. Brian Lamar and Producer Brian discuss some of the highlights including friend of the podcast, Lisa Wilding-Brown’s reelection, and former guest Nikki Lavoie’s nomination as President-Elect.

They also touch on the news that Verisk has sold Mackenzie Wood to Veritas Capital for over $3.1B—a huge acquisition.

The episode wraps up with two Escalent stories. The first is about how they have launched a new solution called Tech TrustBuilder to help understand how brands can build consumer trust in technology. The second is Escalent’s acquisition of Rhein Associates and the launch of a new practice focused on Commercial and Fleet vehicles.

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