SWIFT: THE Complete Sample Management Solution

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SWIFT: THE Complete Sample Management Solution

A lot of companies are aggregating multiple sample sources to fulfill their studies. Some use technology to manage panels with an aggregation component added at the end, others have a homegrown process, but none of them do it well. All of them are probably wondering if there is a solution that can help them manage their studies more effectively. We recently had a client ask just that. They had an internal process to manage a core longitudinal study that utilized multiple sample providers, and, after running a side-by-side study, found marketable differences in the data between their process and using EMI’s proprietary, cloud-based, sample management platform, SWIFT (Sampling With Integrated Fingerprinting Technology).

When this client asked if there was another way to manage their sample, we knew we had the solution with SWIFT. We built SWIFT from the ground up to manage multiple sample providers on a study– no matter if it was 3 or 30. We’ve been utilizing SWIFT internally for years and had not previously considered that some of our clients may want to leverage its capabilities on their own.

The way I see it, using SWIFT is a lot like hiring a Fishing Charter. In the same way a Fishing Charter is a complete solution to fishing, SWIFT is a complete solution to sample management. With this platform, your survey is seamlessly connected to any sample source that can pass back an identifier. It acts as your Fishing Guide and Captain with the expertise to know the best spots to maximize your opportunity to catch fish as well as providing the boat, bait, and equipment to reel in your catch.

SWIFT is built with its own, easy-to-use set-up, testing, and fielding processes. Its cloud-based system ensures that there is no downtime for your survey while guaranteeing that we can launch, field, and close your study with speed and accuracy. Let’s break down the three core modules of SWIFT.

Sample Module

The first component is our Sample Module. In this module, you can quickly link your survey to any sample provider you are using on your study. In our case, they all come from our extensive global partner network. SWIFT contains some advanced capabilities including:

  • Advanced quota management – allowing you to manage by overall study or by partner
  • Built-in click balancing that manages clicks across multiple sources to ensure census representation
  • Ability to easily adjust quotas to only allow respondents from open demographics
  • A single set of redirects
  • Compatibility with all programming platforms

Quality Module

Second, is our Quality Module. This is the driving force ensuring you get the highest quality sample results. We do this by leveraging the latest industry data quality methods, integrating best-in-class third-party technology, and combining it with our own proprietary digital fingerprinting technology.

SWIFT’s integrated technology allows us to detect fraud, bot, duplicate respondents, and more. In fact, it eliminates around 8% more than any other panel’s quality efforts. This is because SWIFT specializes in eliminating duplicates, uses greater technology, and acts as a second layer of protection on top of the provider’s own data quality measures.

We are also partnered with Research Defender for their advanced bot and fraud detection so you can get the highest quality data. Because of EMI’s position in the industry and our specialty in blending sample, we have better visibility into different panels and can better leverage Research Defender’s technology.

Some of the other capabilities in the Quality Module include:

  • Industry-leading digital fingerprinting
  • In-study survey alerts for low or problematic LOI, incidence, completes, OQs, activity, etc.
  • Research Defender’s advanced bot and fraud detection
  • Next-Gen CAPTCHA
  • Geo-IP blocking

Reporting Module

The third and final component is our Reporting Module. This module gives EMI Research Managers a full view of respondent-level data, allowing for better panel management and the key ability to spot potentially fraudulent records.

SWIFT – The Complete Sample Management Solution

We built SWIFT to better manage studies for our clients. But it has evolved to be a complete sample management solution for anyone who manages online studies with multiple sample suppliers. It allows you to manage sample easily and in one place. By using SWIFT, you’ll know that you’ve gotten the highest quality, most accurate insights for your project.

To learn more about SWIFT, feel free to reach out to me or click the button to schedule a meeting to learn more.