DIY vs. Direct Managed Sample: When to Use Each Method

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DIY vs. Direct Managed Sample: When to Use Each Method

When I began my EMI career nearly 14 years ago, sampling options were simpler than they are now. As a Research Manager at EMI, I worked directly with our clients and sample suppliers, accessing the best sample for each project, and getting in and out of field. That part hasn’t changed– we still focus on providing quality and unbiased sample– but the options to obtain that sample are much more robust. Our clients face this same decision– with so many options, how does a researcher choose between directly managed and DIY when given the choice? With the introduction of CONNECTOR, EMI’s new proprietary sample procurement and management platform, we’ve given that a lot of thought.

When to Use Direct Managed

A combination of any of these factors make a dedicated Research Manager a perfect option to handle sampling directly:

  • Complex targeting
  • Complex quota tracking
  • Daily click/quota targets
  • B2B or Healthcare
  • Low incidence, below 5%
  • Long LOI, above 25 minutes

When to Use DIY

Sometimes things are straightforward, and it would be easier to take care of the sampling piece on your own:

  • Quick field time
  • Convenience of launch
  • Priority on low cost
  • Commonly used target points
  • Minimal quota tracking

While many providers will try to direct you to one option or another, EMI’s Research Management team is built to handle either of these options seamlessly, and we have adapted to apply API and DIY tool use across a wide range of our studies. If you find yourself needing something that fits the DIY space, we can offer access to CONNECTOR, allowing you to source and launch consumer, general population, target audiences quickly and efficiently. To learn more about CONNECTOR, or request a demo, click the button below.