Intellicast S3E36: GRIT Report and a Publix Update

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July 22, 2020
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July 28, 2020
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Intellicast S3E36: GRIT Report and a Publix Update


Welcome back to Intellicast! We have a jammed-packed episode for you today – Jason Inderhees returns to discuss the GRIT report, market research news, and other current events with Brian Lamar and Producer Brian.

We kick off the show with a really cool Publix update. Brian Lamar reached out and got some great tips from a Publix insider, including a secret website to see if chicken tender subs are on sale.  You can visit it here.

The guys then move into some market research news, including promotions at Directions Research and MarketVision, a new hire by Measure Protocol, and a new division launched at Schlesinger. They also discuss the rebrand of LRW to Material, which leads to a discussion on what potentially EMI could rebrand as. 

The news then turns a bit more serious as they discuss the recent search of the Hong Kong Public Opinion Office and its link to the new laws in Hong Kong. Keeping with the polling theme, the guys also discuss RavenPack’s new alternative to polling solution.

Finally, the guys discuss the news of Wal-Mart being sued for a CCPA breach.

Jason takes us off the rails by bringing up the return of baseball (and other sports) in the next few days.

Getting back on topic, the guys turn to the main topic of the podcast – the GRIT report.  Both Brian and Jason give some highlights and thoughts on the report, including the timing of the data, how COVID-19 was addressed by Lenny and the team, the rankings of the most innovative companies (both supply and clients), just to list a few.  They also discuss 1Q and the article written by their CEO. 

This episode covers a ton!

To download a copy of The GRIT Report, click here.

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