Intellicast S3E5 – Shannon Frazier of Directions Research and a SampleCon Recap

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February 3, 2020
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February 11, 2020
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Intellicast S3E5 – Shannon Frazier of Directions Research and a SampleCon Recap


We have a special episode of Intellicast for you this week!  Brian Lamar is joined by not one, but two special guests.  Joining him in the co-host seat for this episode is Mary Draper, Senior Research Manager and Network Quality Officer for EMI. They are also joined by Shannon Frazier, Sample Manager for Directions Research. 

The three of them were all in Atlanta last week for SampleCon and the conference is the main topic of discussion among the three of them.  They start with a discussion on some of the key themes of the conference this year, including specific presentations they liked.  They cover topics like data quality, blockchain and the state of the industry.

It is a great conversation because not only do you get it from a sample supplier and buyer perspective, but also from the perspective of long-time SampleCon attendees and a first-time attendee. 

The group then talks about what they would like to see at future SampleCons, both in terms of content and actions. 

Then the show switches gears. Brian gives us a new rant about conference badges and lanyards that I think everyone can relate to. 

In the final 15 minutes of the episode, Shannon and Mary discuss their shared affection for Publix, including that Mary drives to the closest location to Cincinnati to get Thanksgiving groceries. They then discuss the pitstop they took with Brian and Mike Herrel of Directions on their way to the Atlanta airport.  The stop may have converted Brian to a believer. 

Brian had the recorder handy during the trip and was able to capture some of it. 

This is a great episode you don’t want to miss!

You can connect with Shannon Frazier on LinkedIn.

You can connect with Mary Draper on LinkedIn.

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