Intellicast S2E35 – Roddy “Hot Roddy” Knowles of Alpha

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November 18, 2019
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Intellicast S2E35 – Roddy “Hot Roddy” Knowles of Alpha


Welcome back!  We have a very special episode of Intellicast for you this week.  Joining us for his second appearance (If you know the first – you are a loyal listener!) is good friend of the podcast, and new Head of Research at Alpha, Roddy Knowles. 

The guys discuss how Roddy got his start in market research, and how it led it to his new job at Alpha.  Roddy also gives us some details on what Alpha does. We also get into a discussion on where Roddy thinks the industry is going, especially in the area of speed to insights. 

The guys then discuss Roddy’s involvement in industry associations, including the Southeast Chapter of the Insights Association, and how he makes time for it with his busy schedule. 

Then it is time for some fun.  Adam plays music bingo with Roddy to see if he can guess his musical tastes.  We then get a great book recommendation and find out Roddy’s hidden talent. 

Finally, instead of a Mount Rushmore, we get a great list of Everglades from Roddy on the worst survey question types. 

You can connect with Roddy on LinkedIn, or on Twitter @RoddyKnowles. To learn more about Alpha, visit their website.

Prior to the interview, Adam and Brian touch on the latest market research news, including new insights platforms launched by Maru and Ipsos, as well as the news on Nielsen’s plan to split into two businesses. 

This is a great episode!

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