Poll Party E5 – The Impeachment Polling Round-Up

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October 8, 2019
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October 15, 2019
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Poll Party E5 – The Impeachment Polling Round-Up

Are you ready for a new episode of Poll Party? In this episode, Rory and Adam start the episode taking a look at the myriad of polls that have been released since the impeachment inquiry was announced.  They start by looking at the early polls conducted immediately after the announcement (courtesy of FiveThirtyEight), and then another group of polls that were released about a week after (Read them here). 

They also discuss the Ipsos poll that was discussed on Good Morning America about how people feel about reaching out to a foreign leader, and if people were surprised. 

Finally, they discuss Bernie Sander’s recent hospitalization, and his time away from the campaign trail, and how it has and could continue to impact him, and potentially others in the polls, or if there is any impact at all.

Rory then introduces a new poll of the week, this time from Pew Research Center about opinions on the UN.  They dig into the results, and the past results about the opinions and views on the UN, and see if there have been any drastic changes in the results over time, and if there have been any changes in methodology.  You can explore the results here.

To close out the episode, Rory gives Adam a new Quiz of the Week.  This time, they find out what US city is perfect for them.  Adam made a prediction at the beginning – it was dead wrong. 

If you want to find out what US city if perfect for you, take the quiz.

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